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Xbox Announces New Home Screen and UI Changes

Xbox has announced it is giving users a new home screen and making various changes to the UI. The home screen of a console is one of the most important features. It sets the tone for the feeling and aesthetic the console is going to offer, it is key to quickly and efficiently deliver information and making things like games, movies, and other apps easily accessible. Xbox has had a number of iconic home screens dating back to the original Xbox, but things really made an impact with the Blades dashboard on Xbox 360 and all of the subsequent evolutions that followed. All of the Xbox consoles have launched with new, premium, flashy home screens with the exception of the Xbox Series X, it’s virtually identical to the Xbox One’s current home screen.

Xbox is looking to shake things up

Xbox is hoping to cause a ruckus, in any case. As verified in another blog entry, beginning when this week, Xbox is carrying out new UI changes to choose Xbox Insiders which will incorporate things like a line of most as of late messed around and applications, organized and suggested classes in view of your propensities, and more unambiguous visual identifiers to keep the home screen feeling natural. Microsoft will use criticism from these Insiders throughout the following couple of months to help make another Xbox home screen at some point in 2023. Despite the fact that Xbox has delivered a picture of what will be carrying out soon, it’s muddled assuming the end result in 2023 will seem to be that or have any exceptional changes.

One way or the other, for the people who are a piece burnt out on the ongoing Xbox home screen, this is incredible information. It was somewhat of a bummer that the Xbox Series X|S didn’t accompany another home screen, yet this will ideally offer that revive fans were expecting when the control center sent off in 2020. It seems like this home screen will come to Xbox One clients also, yet it wasn’t indicated.


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