Who Is Sabbac?: Main Villain Of Black Adam Movie

Well, that question was finally answered publicly on September 8th, 2022, when the red-horned demon 

Sabbac, was revealed in the latest Black Adam trailer. He is being brought to life on screen by the intense, Dutch-born actor Marwan Kenzari 

Sabbac's second host, Ishmael Gregor, appears as a recurring villain in Arrow: Season 5, but strictly in his role as a gangster from Oliver ... 

The Black Adam movie will bring Ishmael Gregor's Sabbac to life, believed to be played by The Old Guard's Marwan Kenzari. There are three ... 

Black Adam fans have waited a long time for the DC antihero to hit the big screen, and it is now finally happening.

Comic book fans know that Black Adam could be either a hero or villain, and if star Dwyane Johnson decided to play either one of those in his first appearance as Black Adam 

fans would have understood and loved it. Johnson will indeed portray Black Adam as a hero, but who will play the villain opposite him?