intraday today trending chart 

1. Momentum Intraday Trading Strategy 2. Reversal Intraday Trading Strategy 3. Breakout Intraday Trading Strategy 4. Intraday Trading Strategies based on Gap Theory 5. Moving Average Crossing Intraday Trading Strategy

Momentum Intraday Trading Strategy

1) Selection of the stocks with high volatility. 2) Favourable risk-to-reward ratio 3) Correct position sizing & risk management 4) Technical Analysis Charting for exiting trade

Reversal Intraday Trading Strategy

The Reversal Intraday Trading Strategy offers a good risk-to-reward ratio compared to all other intraday trading strategies. As per this strategy, the bets by traders are made against the ongoing direction of the stock price. 

Breakout Intraday Trading Strategy

The most used and successful intraday strategy is the Breakout Intraday Trading Strategy. This intraday trading strategy involves keeping an eye on when the stock prices rise above or fall below a certain level, resulting in an unusual increase in trading volume.

Intraday Trading Strategies based on Gap

It is normal to find stocks that do not have pre-market volume and open at a gap from the previous day. If the gap opens higher than the previous day’s closing price 

Moving Average Crossing Intraday Trading Strategy

Stock market trends are one of the most desirable indicators of how the market functions but there needs to be a differential point that could help us know whether the trend will continue 

Short Strangle Intraday Trading Strategy for Options Trader

This strategy, made for option sellers, is a well-backtested and widely known one. It’s called the 9:20 straddle. This is a system trading intraday trading strategy which we will use only for Nifty