D-Street guru simplifies technical analysis for you: 4 things you control can do it all “Prices are the result of emotion. If you track prices, you will track emotion," Narayan said. more »

Nifty likely to maintain its strong momentum on softer BEER ratio According to Axis Capital’s calculation, the BEER ratio is the lowest since 2013.  more » Golden Cross, ahoy! Sensex, Nifty charts drop hints this rally has legs A number of stocks too have formed similar ‘Golden Cross’ on their daily charts. more »

The right way to read stock technical charts & interpret them It is common knowledge that bullish signals fail in bearish markets and vice versa.  more » How to use Cap Curve to build a solid portfolio of equity funds? The one aspect that can be used by a vast cross-section of investors is age. more »

Why most traders keep dying a death with every trade they take In case of traders, consistency of their methods will take care of profits from the trade. more » Can technical analysis help identify long-term stock trends? Read this Returns on your money are the net returns on all the investments taken collectively. more 

What’s holding up a Nifty rally? This indicator telling you a tale This technical pullback halted near the 10,950 mark early December 2018.  more » DON ratio is saying this: Enjoy the party, but stay close to the door The drop in crude oil prices is good, yes, it is. But anything in excess is termed lethal. more 

F&O traders suggest Iron Butterfly strategy The strategy has a risk-reward ratio of around 2.5:1, which makes it attractive. more » Stochastic Oscillator Stochastic Oscillator is one of the important tools used for technical analysis in securities trading. This technique was developed in late 1950s by Dr. George Lane. more »

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