"It felt so genuine. It was an extremely impressive sensation… since it's hard for me not to connect with the tale of what was befalling her and to the lady in the story

de Armas told correspondents at the film's Hollywood debut on Tuesday night, which was held at the TCL Chinese Theater where Monroe would go through ends of the week watching films as a little kid.

Composed and coordinated by Andrew Dominik, Blonde depends on Joyce Hymn Oates' 2000 novel of a similar name, which reconsiders Marilyn Monroe's internal life — from her very

Created and composed by Andrew Dominik, Blonde relies upon Joyce Song Oates' 2000 novel of a comparative name, which reexamines Marilyn Monroe's interior life — from her very

To transform into Monroe, she said at the premiere, de Armas spent three hours every morning of the nine-week production donning a stocking cap and having prosthetics glued underneath her custom-made platinum blonde wigs to conceal her natural hairline. In addition, she had her brows bleached and shaved.  

She also wore blue contacts to cover her naturally hazel eyes and had fake lashes strategically placed to alter the shape of her eyes to match Monroe’s. Every physical detail was painstakingly checked. Even the location of Monroe’s mole, most often seen on her lower left cheek, was referenced. 

"In general Ana would be directing my hand, and we would get right to where Marilyn had it all over and spot it

said Tina Roesler Kerwin, the film’s makeup department head, on the red carpet prior to the screening. “There was a time when Marilyn moved it and put it down near her chin. It’s in the movie as well.”