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Top 5 Politically Incorrect Vintage Advertisements

As we evolve, we as humans try to unlearn and rectify some of the mistakes we committed in the past. How do we know if things get better or not? Only by looking at the past do we understand that we have come a long way. In similar manner, the Vintage advertisements we thought were probably fit in a particular decade has changed enormously over decades.

We know a product is not worth it if it did not withstand the time. In the same manner, many vintage ads have not withstood the test of time because they did not appeal to the larger future audiences. They were often chauvinistic that deplores women to the least. That’s probably why some of the vintage ads listed below did not make into this era.

Top 5 Politically Incorrect Vintage Ads

1) Alcoa Aluminum – 1965

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Alcoa Aluminum

This advertisement showed how easy it was to open Alcoa Aluminum caps. However, the way they wanted to show it was easy to open the lid in this century would easily mark for a great feminist protest. They made it seem like it had to be easy, or else a woman couldn’t do it. That’s slightly chauvinistic, but that’s what it was like in 1965.

2) McDonald’s – 1965

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Here, you can see an advertisement for McDonald’s “All American” meal. It showed a hamburger, milkshake, and French fries and only cost 52 cents. If you wanted the shake to be a dessert, you could add another beverage. Overall, a full meal was much less than $1. Just so you know, French fries are neither American, nor French. They were from Belgium!

3) Tipalet – 1960s

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This advertisement shows men that they should blow cigarette smoke into a woman’s face to keep her captivated. It’s highly outdated because it shows misogyny, but it also gratifies smoking, which is highly unhealthy. There’s no way it could run today! I am so sure, there is no way a cigarette advertisement would go past the censors.

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4) 7-Up – 1960s

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It’s odd to think that brands could make bold claims like this soda advertisement did. If you drink 7-Up, you get a burst of energy that can help you become better at ping-pong, bowling, and more. Plus, it only takes two to six minutes. However, the confusion stems from the woman posing.

5) Ohio Carriage Company – 1900s

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Ohio Carriage Company

It’s hard to tell immediately from the ad, but The Ohio Carriage Company was ahead of its time. It uses the advertisement to show that it doesn’t employ children. Plus, it offered a 30-day trial for the Split Hickory Buggy. They needed an advertisement to show that they did not employ child labour. It’s like when the thief says, I did not steal that 500 dollars in your wallet. What more could you need?!

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