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TikTok’s Gaming Efforts May Be in Trouble

TikTok’s gaming efforts appear to be getting scaled back as the platform has hit a roadblock with the Chinese government. TikTok is arguably the biggest social media platform right now thanks to how simple and effective it is. It has mastered the addictive nature of scrolling and made sure its content is short and sweet, ensuring you are always moving on to the next piece of content. While one could argue it may not be the healthiest thing in the world, it’s working and people are loving it. It dominates the tech and social media industries in a huge way and it seems like TikTok owner ByteDance wasn’t satisfied with those sectors. The company has plans to move into the gaming industry, but those plans may not be possible anymore.

ByteDance was trying TikTok games that clients could play for a couple of moments, as opposed to dump hours into like a customary game. It was a comparative way to deal with how the help utilizes recordings, making everything quick and painless, yet for games. As indicated by SCMP, in the wake of gaining game studios and putting forth enormous designs for this attempt, ByteDance has been “forcefully scaling down” its gaming groups. Wushuang Studio apparently lost a large portion of its staff and different studios have seen prominent work cuts. It’s accepted this is a consequence of Chinese engineers experiencing issues getting games endorsed by the Chinese government. As of July 2022, China has just supported 172 games for discharge, which is almost 600 not exactly the ones endorsed during a similar time span in 2021.

The way things are, it appears as though ByteDance knows this is a difficult task and is deciding to help its now delivered games as opposed to make new ones. Obviously, this shouldn’t imply that that ByteDance is totally calling it quits, yet it is a significant block to prevailing with its undertakings. On the off chance that this issue straightens out, maybe things will continue as ordinary, however ByteDance apparently would prefer to abstain from losing lots of cash on something it can’t actually control right now.

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