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Skybound Releases the First Look for Dark Ride by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan (Exclusive)

Joshua Williamson (Batman, Dark Crisis), Andrei Bressan (Justice League Incarnate), and the Birthright creative team are teaming up once again for a horror series at Skybound. In their most recent comic, Dark Ride, Williamson and Bressan give amusement parks a sinister twist. The narrative centres on Owen Seasons, who is starting a new job at Devil Land, the premier amusement park with a horror theme in the globe. Even though Owen has always loved Devil Land, when he learns the truth about its creation and the drama that goes on behind the scenes, his ideal job swiftly turns into a nightmare.

Dark Ride #1, due out in October, has an exclusive first look at It starts off fairly cryptically with a black-and-white flashback scene that appears to depict Devil Land inventor Arthur Dante abandoning his wife’s body in a grave in the desert. However, a spooky voice calls out to Arthur as he prepares to take up a shovel and start digging. We can estimate that the suggestion made to Arthur by the demonic speaker, who we will assume to be the Devil, is to create Devil Land with the support of the real Devil.

The current day and Owen Seasons’ first day of work are the next stop on the timeline. Katie Kingston, who will show Owen about the park before throwing him to the wolves, is being followed by Owen. Even though it’s exclusively accessible to park employees, Owen is already well familiar with Devil Land and is even aware of a secret tunnel. One of the first things Owen discovers is the close relationship between sex and fear. Oh, buddy, that is the least of the insane crap you’re going to witness at this place, Katie assures Owen as security at Devil Land deals with the third sex act of the day.

According to the Dark Ride description, “For more than 50 years, Devil Land has been the top horror-themed amusement park in the world. It is also the location of The Devil’s Due, the most terrifying ride ever made. But on his first day of work, lifelong fan Owen Seasons will learn about the true atrocities going on behind the scenes, the real story of the park’s reclusive creator Arthur Dante, and the possibility that his dream job might perhaps be a nightmare.”

The series’ first arc begins with an outstanding collection of variant covers for Dark Ride #1. Dark Ride’s Cover B variant features park mascot Danny D. Evil, with issue #1’s cover by Martn Morazzo (Ice Cream Man) and Adriano Lucas, and Cover C features Halloween, the resident femme fatale and horror enthusiast of Devil Land, with the first four issues’ cover art by Sweeney Boo. In addition to the main cover by Bressan and series colorist Adriano Lucas, Dark Ride’s Cover B variant features park mascot Danny D. Evil, with issue #1 (Over My Dead Body).

A software to produce poster variants in the style of vintage homage is also being art directed by renowned creative Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs, Star Wars Adventures). The first four issues of Dark Ride will have the 1:25 incentives, which will have a different guest artist on each cover. Trish Forstner, a co-creator of Fleecs’ Stray Dogs, is in charge of the artwork for issue #1, which features The Little Demon as it appears in the Dark Ride universe. The first issue of Dark Ride will also include a white drawing cover.

The unique first look at Dark Ride #1 may be found below. The publication goes on sale on October 5.

Cover A by Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Cover B by Martín Morazzo and Adriano Lucas
Cover B by Martín Morazzo and Adriano Lucas



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