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Merge Mansion: How To Get Toolbox?

Want to know how to get Toolbox in Merge Mansion? Check out here.

In Merge Mansion, you have to merge identical items in order to get new or higher-level items. Now, there are certain items that can be obtained from a particular source. In this guide, we have covered one such item from the game. You will learn about how to get a Toolbox in Merge Mansion here.

Toolbox is one of those items which are both the source and the item in the game. Also, there are certain items that the toolbox contains. If you want to know more about Toolbox in the game, read along with this guide further.

How to Get a Toolbox in Merge Mansion?

Toolbox in Merge Mansion

Well, if you have noticed properly, the Toolbox (Level 2) appears at the beginning of the game. But it is locked under cobwebs, and hence can’t be accessed directly. You can get the Toolbox in the puzzle initially by merging Level 1 boxes together. And then merge the Level 2 Toolbox with the webbed one. That would remove the cobwebs from the item. Alongside this, you can also use Gems to unlock the Toolbox from the webs, but that won’t be necessary as you will unlock it sooner than later.

Aside from that, you can go to the Shop and purchase a Tool stash from that point. Yet, the things in the shop stay there for a particular timeframe, so snatch the tool compartment on the off chance that you see one. Likewise, you can get the Tool stash from a Blue Chest. It contains Wrench, Screws and Paint Jars.

The Tool stash can be blended and redesigned up to Even out 9. It will end up being a wellspring of producing things when it arrives at Level 4. On Level 4, the Tool kit will have 2.5 re-energizes. From Levels 5 to 7, the crates will have 2 re-energizes, and Levels 8 and 9 will have just 1 re-energize.

This is all you want to be familiar with how to get a Tool stash in Union House. Ideally, this guide was useful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and peruse other comparative articles, for example, How to get Mosaic in Union Manor? furthermore, How to get Peony Seeds in Union House?


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