Lord of heroes tier list LOH Best Heroes Ranked August 2022

Lord of heroes tier list maintains its reputation as one of the best mobile RPGs ever because to its captivating plot, rich content, amazing gameplay, outstanding skill cut sequences, magnificent anime-style graphics, and vast cast of playable characters. Like in any role-playing game, selecting a good group of characters is crucial to your success. In order to assist you in ruling a combat-filled universe and preventing its destruction, we have created this thorough Lord of Heroes tier list.

Lord of heroes tier list

Learn more about each character’s class, element, PvP rating, and PvP rating using the LOH tier list to decide which characters are worthwhile investing in. The strongest heroes on the list are found in Tier S, while the weakest heroes are found in Tier D.

Who are the characters in Lord of Heroes?

The characters of Lord of Heroes are a varied group, ranging from mercenaries in the present day to knights from the Middle Ages. Each character has their own distinct skills and playstyle, which opens up some intriguing tactical options for conflict.

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What is Lord of Heroes, exactly?

Gacha game Lord of Heroes has turn-based RPG combat. In order for western gamers to also enjoy it, it was launched in Japan in 2018 and has subsequently been translated into English.

What is the ranking of characters in Lord of Heroes?

Characters in the game are ranked according to their power and tactical value in the Lord of Heroes tier list. The more powerful a character is, the further up on the tier list they are.

How often is the Lord of Heroes tier list updated?

Every time fresh details regarding the game are made accessible, the Lord of Heroes tier list is updated. This might take the shape of brand-new characters, character alterations, or even fresh information that enables more precise ranking.

Which Lord of Heroes heroes are the toughest?

Characters at the top of the tier list are the strongest in Lord of Heroes (S tier). These personalities are often multifaceted and capable of competing in most circumstances.

Who made the list of LoH tiers?

A team of seasoned gamers and academics developed the LoH tier list. They want to make the most current and accurate tier list they can.

Players in PvE should consult the tier list before making any decisions since it prioritises PvP content.

Lord of heroes tier list LOH Best Heroes Ranked August 2022

LOH Tier S

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Vanessa Light Cleric S B
Walther Earth Guardian S A
Schneider Water Striker S S
Rosanna Drak Guardian S S
Olivia Light Striker S S
Olivia Earth Sniper S B
Nine Earth Striker S s
Mei Ling Earth Striker S B
Mei Ling Light Sniper S S
Lumie Water Warrior S S
Lairei Fire Warrior S S
Lairei Earth Striker S S
Krom Fire Warrior S S
Krom Water Guardian S S
Joshua Water Sniper S A
Johan Fire Cleric S S
Aslan Earth Warrior S S
Alev Fire Striker S A

LOH Tier A (Lord of heroes tier list)

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Vanessa Water Cleric A S
Rosanna Fire Striker A S
Olivia Water Sniper A B
Nine Water Warrior A A
Mikhail Dark Sniper A C
Laphlaes Earth Warrior A A
Laphlaes Fire Sniper A A
Joshua Fire Striker A A
Johan Light Warrior A A
Helga Water Striker A A
Fram Water Guardian A B
Astrid Fire Striker A S

LOH Tier B

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Vanessa Fire Cleric B S
Schneider Fire Striker B A
Lumie Earth Guardian B B
Helga Dark Warrior B B
Charlotte Earth Cleric B B

LOH Tier C

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Lucilicca Earth Strker C S
Dhurahan Dark Warrior C S
Astrid Water Warrior C A
Astrid Earth Sniper C A
Alev Water Warrior C C

LOH Tier D

Hero Element Class PvP Rank PvE Rank
Zaira Fire Guardian D D
Schneider Earth Warrior D D
Nine Dark Sniper D C
Mei Ling Fire Sniper D D
Lucilicca Water Sniper D C
Helga Fire Warrior D D
Dhurahan Fire Warrior D C
Dhurahan Earth Guardian D D
Charlotte Water Cleric D D

In conclusion, give the Lord of the Heroes Tier S and A heroes priority before moving on to Tier B. Tier D heroes are utterly worthless; only employ Tier C heroes when required.


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