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Fortnite Leaks Hint at New Spider-Verse Skins for Season 4

More Fortnite leaks surfaced this week to suggest that some skins from across the Spider-Verse may be coming to the game. One character that’s been mentioned several times across these leaks is a hero who goes by a number of different names like Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, and Ghost-Spider, but everyone recognizes her still as Gwen Stacy. She’s supposedly going to be in the battle pass for Fortnite players to acquire in Season 4, but Epic Games of course hasn’t confirmed anything of the sort just yet. Fortnite players who follow the most prominent leakers online didn’t have to look far this week to see the talks of Gwen Stacy supposedly coming to the game. Leakers and dataminers like HYPEX and Shiina among others tweeted about the supposed reveal this week while crediting each other and more as people cited their own sources to add to the speculation. MidaRado, a Fortnite leaker who was pretty spot-on regarding all the Dragon Ball rumors, also said Gwen is coming to the game.

Fortnite Leaks Hint at New Spider-Verse Skins

Gwen’s got a pretty unique outfit compared to what people are used to seeing on Peter Parker’s version of Spider-Man, so it’s not hard to imagine what her in-game cosmetic will look like. Fortnite’s naturally big on putting different styles and variants in the game, too, so it’s possible that if she is indeed added, we could see another look for her made available as well.


While these leaks are perhaps the best indications yet that Gwen will be coming to the game, this week isn’t the only time that people have mulled over that theory. Back when the Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War comics kicked off and started adding more crossover cosmetics to the game, people were looking to those issues for hints about what else might come to Fortnite. On the fifth and final issue, one of the variant covers prominently featured Gwen. That final issue is scheduled to release later this month which lines up with when people expect Season 4 of Fortnite to start, too.

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