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Ex-Call of Duty Boss Leaves PlayStation Exclusive Developer Deviation Games

Ex-Call of Duty Zombies boss Jason Blundell has left Deviation Games, a studio that is currently working on a new PlayStation IP. Blundell was a major part of the Call of Duty community throughout the 2010s as he helped direct a number of Zombies maps over the years before becoming the Zombies Game Director for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which was released in 2015. He eventually became the co-studio head of Treyarch, the lead developer of the Black Ops series, which made him one of the top dogs at the entire studio and gave him a major leadership role. Despite this, he was still very plugged into the community and would do interviews to give fans updates on the games, largely focusing on the Zombies experience. At the start of 2020, Blundell departed from Treyarch and went on to co-found Deviation Games.

Ex-Call of Duty Zombies boss Jason Blundell has left Deviation Games

Deviation Games declared last year that it was working with PlayStation on another IP, however didn’t reveal a lot of insight into what it would resemble. It was normal that the game would enter full creation in 2022 and keeping in mind that that might in any case be the situation, Jason Blundell won’t be there to own it. The Deviation Games Twitter account affirmed Blundell was leaving the organization and individual prime supporter David Anthony played currently accepted the part of chief somewhat recently. The studio has additionally employed a lot of other key ability to assist with its new task, so it doesn’t seem like the unannounced game is any difficult situation.

As for where Blundell is going next, some speculate he’s making a move back to Treyarch, though there’s no telling for sure. It’s likely going to be a while before we see what Deviation Games is cooking up and probably just as long to see another game from Jason Blundell. Either way, it’s certainly interesting to see a co-founder exit a studio just shortly after opening the doors.


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