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Elon Musk Rips Into New Lord of the Rings Series “Tolkien Is Turning in His Grave”

Elon Musk vehemently disagreed with Amazon’s Rings of Power. The famous person expressed their disgust with the Lord of the Rings films on Twitter. With the exception of Galadriel, he maintained that the characters are unlikeable. There has been a lot of discussion around diversity and the casting for Rings of Power. The user review feature for the series on Amazon’s website had to be delayed since some fans were eager to review bomb the programme. On the other side, a significant portion of fantasy lovers are ecstatic that HBO is now airing House of the Dragon in addition to the new Lord of the Rings.

Elon Musk Rips Into New Lord of the Rings Series

Rings of Power may not have given Tolkien a direct input, but there are decisions being made that don’t directly conflict with the writing. (And some that, contrary to what you may believe, really stick to the source material!) The CEO of Tesla isn’t happy about these developments in spite of all of that. See what he tweeted in the section below.

Musk said, “Tolkien is turning in his grave.” “The majority of the men we’ve met so far are either cowards, jerks, or both. Only Galadriel possesses these qualities.”

As the elf in the Prime Video series, Morfydd Clark is aware that many viewers associate Galadriel with Cate Blanchett. She discusses some of the differences between this earlier time in the elf’s life and the present in an interview with Variety.

“I’d say she worked hard for her tranquilly. I don’t believe you attain that level of wisdom without experiencing hardships,” Clark said. She actually discusses the loss of innocence that comes with wisdom, which I found to be a pretty positive aspect of the tale. Considering that you are still thousands of years old, how young are you? Thus, it was contemplating the purity she had lost throughout this period. By the Third Age, the elves had undergone some evolution.The elves in the First Age are really messy and screw each other over a lot, and fight and mock each other also. They are the history of Middle Earth, and so they are forever changing. It was really interesting for all of us playing canon characters to be exploring how these characters become what we know them to be.”

If people are not digging the character, Clark also had a reminder about Tolkien’s own descriptions. “There’s a bit where Tolkien describes Galadriel as tying her hair up into a crown with a plait as she goes into battle,” she added. “I was kind of like, wow this opens up so much, that this happened. And also, Tolkien changed his ideas about Galadriel, which makes her more interesting. I became obsessed with like, why did Tolkien need Galadriel to be that at that point? He kind of like fell more in love with her, I think, as he got older, and so there’s a fluidity to her character.”


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