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Driving Simulator Codes (October) 2022: New Codes

Driving Simulator Codes: Using our Driving Simulator cheat codes, you may modify your vehicle, drive it around the city, and even pull off some dangerous stunts. In this Roblox game, you and up to 99 other people get behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles and can either race through an open environment or simply cruise around town.

You can get more money and sometimes keys to unlock new skins by using the codes in our list for Driving Simulator. Keep this page saved and come back frequently, as we will add new codes here as soon as we find them.

Check out our Roblox Driving Simulator Codes for the latest and greatest list of active codes that can be redeemed for in-game credits to go toward the purchase of some seriously sweet new rides. More money spent on a car means it will be faster and more likely to win races.

Diving Simulator Codes List (New)

Key and rewards can be obtained by driving simulator game codes. Nocturne Entertainment, the studio behind the game, regularly distributes codes to celebrate the completion of significant milestones. We are unable to provide a timetable for code releases, but we will keep this page current.

Driving Simulator Codes
Driving Simulator Codes

All Driving Simulator Codes List

Updated October 10, 2022

Updated page. Currently, no new Driving Simulator codes.

Driving Simulator Codes (Working)

  • There are no active codes.

Driving Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • 200M—Redeem for legendary crate
  • ONEYEAR—Redeem for 2 Rare crates and 8 keys
  • MOREKEYS—Redeem code for keys
  • 50K—Redeem code for 50,000 Credits
  • 25MILLION—Redeem code for 25,000 Credits

New Working Diving Simulator Codes

  • RELEASE – Redeem code for 150 Coins (NEW)

Expired Codes

  • No expired codes !

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Diving Simulator?

Here’s how quickly and easily you can redeem your codes in this Roblox Experience.

  • Click here to start the game.
  • Click on the bird icon on the right side of the screen to access Twitter.
  • When the pop-up box appears, click where it says “Enter Code Here” in the text field.
  • Type the code in that space.
  • Select CLAIM.
  • You’ll know right away which reward you’ve won.

How can you get more Roblox Driving Simulator Codes?

You can follow the Roblox Driving Simulator page and Developer by going to their Twitter page @Nocturne_Ent or the Driving Simulator Discord.

If you are looking for more codes, the best way to do it would be by following this page for the latest updates for the codes. Remember to bookmark this page so you never lose out on the latest codes!

Why are my Roblox Driving Simulator Codes not working?

Most Roblox games are time-sensitive when it comes to codes. These codes can last for only a few hours if they are not claimed.

A simple mistake could even be by misspelling the code when entering it. To make sure that you do this correctly, just copy and paste the code from our list. Remember to include all the punctuation from the code, too!

If there is a code from our list that has expired, please leave a comment for us so that we can keep your favorite Roblox game up to date.

What is a Roblox Driving Simulator game?

Roblox Driving Simulator is an open world where you can use your car to complete daily activities so you can get credits to get all the customizations you need to start beating any of the other players in the game. The faster your car is the more you will win, and gain more credits to buy new cars and build them up to become the car of your dreams!

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the working Weapon Fighting Simulator codes.

  • map24—Redeem for 30 minutes All Boosts (New)
  • town—Redeem for 1 Hour All Boosts
  • map23—Redeem for All Boosts
  • hardtrail—Redeem for All Boosts
  • map22—Redeem for All Boosts
  • visits250m—Redeem for All Boosts
    • newbuff—Redeem for Boss Key and Boosts
    • map21—Redeem for a Qi Boost and several other Boosts
    • l325k—Redeem code for Luck Boost
    • popsicle—Redeem code for Damage Boost
    • map20—Redeem for Boots
    • timetrial—Redeem for Boosts
    • map19—Redeem for Boosts
    • skin—Redeem for Boosts
    • lk300k—Redeem for Boosts
    • map18—Redeem for Boosts
    • batoidea—Redeem for Boosts
    • map17—Redeem for Boosts
    • likes275k—Redeem for Boosts
    • fighting—Redeem for Boosts
    • RAMPHobbies—Redeem for Boosts
    • Worrybear—Redeem for Boosts
    • Sub2RoboSlothGaming—Redeem for Boosts
    • Carbon—Redeem for Boosts
    • sisterguard—Redeem for Boosts
    • Skull—Redeem for Boosts
    • funrix—Redeem for Boosts
    • Kingkade—Redeem for Boosts
    • CodeNex—Redeem for Boosts
    • JazonGaming—Redeem for Boosts

    Weapon Fighting Simulator FAQ

    Here’s all the frequently asked questions about Weapon Fighting Simulator and Weapon Fighting Simulator codes!

    How to Redeem Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

    To redeem Weapon Fighting Simulator codes for free rewards, launch WFS and select the Settings Gear button on the left side of the screen. After you press the button, a new window will appear. Enter each working code into the text box that pops up afterward. Press Confirm to receive your free reward once you’ve entered the code in the redemption bar.

    If the code is expired, a message pop up will appear saying ‘This code is invalid.’

    How can you get more Weapon Fighting Simulator codes?

    The best method to get more WFS codes is to follow the developer of Weapon Fighting Simulator on Twitter @LDGStudios, or you can join the Lightning Dragon Studio for additional boosts, for Spirit Stone, Spell Boost, and a Tai Chi Brush!

    Why aren’t my Weapon Fighting Simulator codes working?

    If your Weapon Fighting Simulator codes are not working, there are a few things you can try. Make sure that you have typed or copied the entire code correctly—this includes the capitalization of letters—if the code is not 100 percent correct, it will not work.

    If the code is correct, it is most likely that it has expired, so bookmark this page and check back often to get the latest codes for Anime Fighter Simulator!

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    What do Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes do?

    Weapon Fighting Simulator codes offer several unique boosts for characters. These boosts can improve drop rates, upgrade Boosts for specific stats, and provide free upgrades for players when adding these codes to their accounts. Codes often alternate, meaning you’ll have a limited time to redeem a specific code before it rotates out of the selection.


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