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Disney’s Little Mermaid Fans Are Worried About Flounder in Live-Action Movie

The Little Mermaid fans are worried about Flounder after that first clip from the live-action remake. Disney shut down social media when the first trailer for the 2023 feature got posted. However, in-between posts about how perfect Halle Bailey’s singing voice is, there was a lot of concerns about Ariel’s buddy Flounder. In the 1989 version of the movie, the little fish was voiced by Jason Marin. Kids all over the world recognize his bright yellow and blue coloring. But, in the trend of these Disney live-action remakes, Flounder is looking a bit more photo-realistic. That’s going to be a weird spot for some fans. A big part of the attraction with these animated films is the human-like qualities the animals take on. It was seen in The Lion King back in 2019. (Funnily enough The Jungle Book’s take on this was interestingly well-received!) But, fans are hoping that the charm doesn’t get wiped from fan-favorites like Sebastian and Flounder. Check out the best responses down below.

As the fervor around the trailer spread around social media, Disney also dropped an updated description of the film. It seems as though the live-action version will not be a complete remake. There are reportedly 4 news songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Disney’s Little Mermaid Fans Are Worried About Flounder in Live-Action Movie

“The Little Mermaid, visionary producer Loot Marshall’s true to life reconsidering of the studio’s Oscar®-winning enlivened melodic work of art, opens only in performance centers cross country May 26, 2023. “The Little Mermaid” is the cherished story of Ariel, a delightful and energetic youthful mermaid with a hunger for experience. The most youthful of Lord Triton’s little girls, and the most rebellious, Ariel yearns to figure out more about the world past the ocean, and keeping in mind that meeting the surface, succumbs to the dapper Ruler Eric. While mermaids are illegal to interface with people, Ariel should lean on her instinct. She makes an arrangement with the underhanded ocean witch, Ursula, which allows her an opportunity to encounter life ashore, at the end of the day puts her life – and her dad’s crown – in peril.”

Does Elemental look awesome? Let us know down in the comments!

Some opinions

Imagine if the animals didn’t talk

People really love this little fish

Who even knows

Let us hope!


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