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Disney Mirrorverse Talents Guide – Best Talents Comps

In this Disney Mirrorverse Talents guide, we will talk about the best talents compositions for each character in the game. In Disney Mirrorverse, controlling each character in battles depends heavily on their talents. You advance the plot and gain crystals by winning battles. This updated Disney Mirrorverse Talents guide is based on your having read our new Disney Mirrorverse tier list of the best characters.

Our in-depth Disney Mirrorverse Talents guide is intended to help you develop a suitable talent comp and identify the talents you should target. None of them are absolute rules because, in the end, you get to choose the kind of character you want.

Without further ado, let’s check out our Disney Mirrorverse Talents guide to learn how to assemble the best character.

Disney Mirrorverse Talents Guide – Best Talents Build

Disney Mirrorverse Talents Guide

This Disney Mirrorverse Talents build will be arranged in a certain order where we will name each talent build including three unique talents that go with each build.

Guardians Talent 1 Talent 2 Talent 3 Build Name
Aladdin Fine Edge Skillful Maneuver Shadow in the sand Ninja build
Anger Rising Fury Feedback Loops Enduring Justice Eruption build
Anna Sword of Arendelle Lasting Guard Stance Controlled Strikes Damage and invincibility
Ariel Palegic Force Seas Might Restoring ripples Sustain build
Captain Hook Overboard Slashing Strike Pirates blockade Dueling debuff
Hercules Athenas tactics Poseidon’s surge Dionysus Influence Damage and stun – Hero build
Minnie Strong spirit Passions fire Fearless Focus Increasing burn build
Mulan Imperial training Sharpened blades Emperors crest Full AoE offense
Rapunzel Flowers Blessing Panorama Helping hand Sustain and strength
Scar Escalation Deep cuts Dire shadows Glass cannon set up
Snow White Porcupine Spider Bees Thorns, Root, Scaling thorns+ Damage
Stitch Sharp Scratch Combustion Controlled Chaos Max damage build
Woody Frontier Justice Snake boot venom Favorite deputies Attribute control and special block
Baymax Field chip Armor chip Sustainer chip Full Tank
Baloo Spin it Take it easy Mango Fandango Cargo + Heal build
Donald Duck Steeled Resolve Short Fuse Defensive attitude Buff boost build
Genie Wish 1 Wish 2 Wish 3 Meat Shield set up
Maui Gracious gifts Mighty Tamatoa Winged beast Sharing is caring
Mr Inc Charged Punches Advanced super Showtime Super-strong Boyo
Oogie boogie Weighted wheel Two-Headed coin Bug Bites Offensive build
Sully Seismic Surge Kinetic Transfer Enhanced armor core Brawler build
Ursula Parasitic clause Fine Print Balanced buff build
Belle Healers touch Natures voice Reflexive Restoration Max heal build
Evil Queen Repellent Darught Phail of Failure Hopeless Cordial Defense Debuff/Dizzy/Heal
Frank Wolff Might of Timbers Druidic Determination    Verdant Shroud Root-Heal-Miss
Hiro PHC Plugin Advanced sustain Runtime optimization Best heal, buff tank+Supp
Ian Battle Magic Defensive magic Powerful Legacy Super buff build
Jack Skellington The Naughty List The Nice List The Perfect Gift The Gift that keeps on giving
Jack Sparrow Mounting affliction Sympathy Fortunes fool Focus/Heal split
Mickey Mouse Empowered Power Cascade Stellar Boon Mighty Mouse Boon build
Mike Encouraging words Proper threat You got this Buddy Max boost
Scrooge Fortune’s favor Hard bargain Healthy profit Gimme the loot build
Tiana Iron stomach Hearty Gumbo Full Belly Healers build
Buzz Focus fire Energy shield EMP modulator Stacks and shock set up
Elsa Frostburn Pack ice Frostlock Max Aura debuff
Eve Feedback Boost Electrostatic Envelope Enhanced Electrostatics Shock build
Gaston Snare Insult to injury Prized possessions Distanced hunter build
Goofy Explosive results Chaotic crits Reinforced Ricochets Anti Tank build
Hades Spite Fury Arrogance Focus Burn Debuff + Purge
Judy Longer roots Counter measures Electrifying moves Shock build
Maleficent Electroclasm Vengeful Cruelty Vengeful Spite Focus Burns Shock/ FBS
Merida Wrathful spirit Highlander arrows Savage wisps Full Crit kit
Tinkerbell Blast wave Sparked ire Burning Passion NovaStacks+superburn
Tron Advanced Threat Security Firewall Identity Disc Debuff, Stun, Ricochet

Send us your suggestions for the Disney Mirrorverse Talents guide if you have any good ones, and we’ll be sure to include them. They won’t just be beneficial for the readers—they might even inspire people to try those tactics out in the game!

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