Dependency on Technology

Recently I went on a trekking trip with my friends. Everyone on that trip is a software engineer. Few days before the trip in our office (start picturing this in monochrome filter), we decided on a destination for our trip. we were all exited to see the mountains, forest, rivers and waterfalls on our laptops. Picturing ourselves in those serene places. We couldn’t contain the excitement. If we get any chance to talk, we’d talk about the upcoming trip. As it got closer, few people backed out. That’s understandable. No trip is complete without someone cancelling out at the last moment (If this doesn’t happen with your friends circle, kudos to you and your friends).

Dependency on Technology

Most of us had packed our backpacks when there were still 3 days left for the trip to begin. Then the day arrived, all of us met at the rendezvous in the evening and we set off for the trip. In the beginning it was all fun, chitter-chatter, singing, dancing in the van. Slowly everything started to calm down as one by one, everyone was on their phone and few had already dozed off.

We reached the base camp in the morning. It was beautiful. Someone in the group said “If the base of the mountain is this pretty, I can’t wait to see the top of the mountain” and someone contradicted him by saying “We have seen enough beauty of the nature so we better head back home and enjoy the leaves we took from office”. Some of us found it funny.

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Our guide arrived. Briefed us on our day. Itinerary for the wasn’t any special. We were supposed to do warm-up exercise twice during the day. other than that, there was nothing. some took out their gadgets, some built a campfire and started the drinks earlier due to cold weather while some went inside and took a nap. Then we did some exercise and had lunch later. In the evening again we exercised and had dinner later that night.

As we had to start the trek early in the morning, we were instructed to get enough sleep. Not too much or too less, which leaves us tired all day. So all of us went inside our respective tents and fell asleep under those warm blankets.

The trek and our life without tech will be in next article.


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