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Roblox Crown Academy Codes October 2022: Get All Active Codes

Roblox Crown Academy Codes: Star Status has released Crown Academy Codes for the month of October 2022 on the Roblox Game Platform, allowing users to redeem these codes for in-game items like pearls, pets, and clothing and accessories for their Roblox avatars. Check out this article for the most up-to-date list of October 2022 Crown Academy Codes available.

All Crown Academy Codes List

Updated October 12, 2022

Added new info.

Crown Academy Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the working Crown Academy codes.

  • 900Players!—Redeem for 250 Pearls (New)
  • ThatTwitterCode—Redeem for Pearls and a Wand of Time
  • NEWCrownDistrictCode—Redeem for free items
  • CrownDistrict2022—Redeem for Pearls and a Wand of Time

Crown Academy Codes (Expired)

These Crown Academy codes are no longer valid.

  • No expired codes yet!

How to get more Crown Academy codes

To get the latest Crown Academy codes, follow the developer Star Status on Twitter @StarStatusGroup or join their Crown Academy Discord Server. Here at Pro Game Guides, we have all the latest code drops from the developer, so bookmark this page and visit us regularly for all your freebies!

Why aren’t my Crown Academy codes working?

There may be several reasons why your Crown Academy codes aren’t working. These codes may be mistyped or missing punctuation when typed into the text box. Please copy and paste the codes from our working list to ensure no mistakes while claiming your code. Like many other codes on Roblox experiences, these codes could be expired. Codes are time-sensitive and can last from months to a few hours, so to avoid missing any freebies, claim the codes on our list as soon as possible!

How to get Pets in Crown Academy?

It’s super simple to get Pets in Crown Academy. To get pets fast and with minimal effort, complete jobs in any of the areas on your map, and you will get the in-game currency of Pearls. In the shop, you can then choose a pet to buy based on the number of pearls you have earned per job. The more pearls you have, the more pets you can collect.

What is a Crown Academy game?

A Crown Academy game is a life simulator game where you can live how you want to in the Crown District. Do odd jobs for in-game currencies so that you can decorate your avatar and buy pets to take along with you on your journey. You can do day spa adventures by completing tasks or buying your car to drive around town. All the items you purchase are entirely customizable, and you can impress other players in the game. Can you work your way to becoming the wealthiest citizen on the leaderboards?

If you’re looking for codes for other games, we have many of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get some free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page.

Roblox Crown Academy Codes
Roblox Crown Academy Codes


Crown Academy Codes (Active)

Here the complete list of all active codes please follow the below codes


Codes Rewards
NEWCrownDistrictCode Redeem code to get free items like pearls, Pets and etc
900Players! Redeem code to get 250 Pearls
ThatTwitterCode Redeem code to get 500 Pearls
CrownDistrict2022 Redeem code for a Wand of Time

Crown Academy Codes (Expired)


Codes Rewards
VELVATICA When you use this code, you’ll get 3,500 pearls.
TheWitchingHour When you use this code, you’ll get 250 coins or pearls.
WhoopsieDaisy Use this code to get 1,000 pearls
Clown Academy Use this code to get 10,000 pearls
zombie corn Use this code to get the zombie corn baby pet.
PIXELATEDCANDY When you use this code, you’ll get 7,000 pearls
DOLLASTIC When you use this code, you’ll get 3,500 pearls.


Crown Academy Codes October 2022, How to redeem Roblox Crown Academy Codes? Check All Roblox Crown Academy Active Codes Here!

Crown Academy Codes October 2022 has been released by Star Status on Roblox Game Platform for the gamers to redeem the same to get free pearls, purchase eggs, pets, game accessories like shoes, hairs, skirts, and wings from the Roblox Game Shop. To know the latest Crown Academy Codes for October 2022 then read this article given below.

Crown Academy Codes Roblox

Roblox Crown Academy Codes list released by the Star Status on the Roblox Game platform is the latest updated and active codes for the gamers to redeem to earn a bag of free pearls to purchase game accessories like designer clothes, hairs, shoes, skirts, and wings. The Roblox Crown academy Codes are basically meant for the gamer to increase his purchasing skills to buy all the game accessories required in Roblox Crown Academy Game. Please see below the active Roblox Crown Academy Codes List.

Crown Academy Codes Roblox October 2022 (Active/Working codes)

  • TheWitchingHour -Redeem this code for a reward
  • ZOMBIECORN – Redeem this code for a reward
  • VELVATICA – Redeem code for 3,500 Pearls
  • DOLLASTIC – Redeem code for 3,500 Pearls
  • PIXELATEDCANDY – Redeem code for 7,000 Pearls
  • NewUpdate – Redeem code for 90 Pearls
  • ClownAcademy – Redeem code for 10,000 Pearls
  • Whoopsiedaisy – Redeem code for 1,000 Pearls

Crown Academy Codes Roblox October 2022 (Expired codes)

  • There are no expired codes at the moment.

Crown Academy Codes Roblox December 2021 (Active/Working codes)

Here’s a look at a list of all the currently available codes:

  • There are no working codes at the moment.

Crown Academy Codes Roblox December 2021 (Expired codes)

  • There are no expired codes at the moment.

How to Redeem Codes For Crown Academy Robox?

The players can redeem the Roblox Crown Academy Codes, by searching for the crown icon that can be viewed on the top menu of the game screen. The gamer will have to click on the Crown icon which will display the twitter codes tab which is in blue colour. The gamer will have to type the codes from the above list, in the space given to receive the rewards.

About: Roblox Crown Academy


One can live out their virtual lives in the Crown District however they see fit in a Crown Academy game. Earn in-game money by doing menial tasks to equip your character with cosmetics and pets for the adventure ahead. Day spa quests can be unlocked by doing things like buying a car or completing other objectives. You can make your purchases unique to your character and show off to other players. Is it possible for you to climb the ranks and become the country’s wealthiest citizen?

Tutorial on how to start playing Crown Academy?


The BETA status of Crown Academy means that it contains flaws. The purpose of the beta version is to give users a taste of the game and solicit constructive criticism. Every day, we’ll work to repair any issues and polish the game until it’s ready for release.

  1. Changes
  2. Updated Shop to use Images in some categories.
  3. Re-worked Academy Heiress & Ruffled Skirt
  4. Lighting Fixes
  5. Twitter Codes (Rewards Menu)
  6. Chest Rewards (Rewards Menu)

Here at Crown Academy, we believe in making your wildest fantasies come true. Discover our ever-expanding enchanted realms, attend mini-game-style lessons to collect pearls and level up, hatch enchanted eggs and raise your own Pegasus, and much more! Imagine anything you want, because there are no constraints.


The process for using Crown Academy codes

1.Start the Crown Academy game on Roblox.
2.Press the Crown icon in the lower right corner of the game screen.
3. In the new window, go to the Twitter Codes tab.
4. Enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above into the text box.
5. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to send the code and get your prize.

My Crown Academy code has expired; where can I find more?

The creators of the experience, StarStatusGroup, are on Twitter, so following them will help you locate additional codes. Join the game’s official Discord server to talk shop with other players and find out the latest information. Other than that, we will be updating this wiki with all of the most recent codes, so be sure to check back often!

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If you read what this site says about “Crown Academy Codes,” you should understand what’s going on a lot better. Please use the section below to tell us what you think and ask us any questions you have about what we’ve said. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re having trouble and think you need it.


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