Caduceus official website — New function update!

On July 31st, 2022, the official website of Caduceus was updated and launched.

Caduceus official website — New function update!

The update has mainly focused on redesigning the functional experience. The new website is now more intuitive and has richer content and a clearer structure.

Chitka matka Official Website updates with the DPBOSS

  1. The Home menu bar has been rearranged and summarised.
  2. A News section has been added, where you can browse the latest media reports and information about Caduceus.
  3. A new ecological section is included allowing you to learn about Caduceus’ partners and ecological progress.
  4. A new Campaign section is now added, so you can stay up to date with the latest community activities of Caduceus.
  5. We will also be adding a Token Information section soon. You can browse CMP token price, market cap, trading volume, supporting wallets, listed exchanges and other related information soon. Do stay tuned!

This website update hopes to bring you a more enjoyable and user-friendly experience to learn all about Caduceus!

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