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Before the start of “Sister Wives” season 17, Meri Brown claims that there is “so much more to the story.”

Sunday Meri Brown hinted on Instagram that there is still much to learn about the Sister Wives family.

There is still a lot to learn about Meri Brown’s family, she teases.

The caption on a photo of Meri, 51, with her face partially hidden by what seems to be a diary that she posted on Instagram on Sunday said, “There’s so much more to the story….#Ready.”

Although there have been many theories, it is impossible to know what the Sister Wives lead’s message implies.

One reader expressed interest in the intriguing possibility that Meri may have ended her plural marriage to Kody Brown by writing, “Pleeeaaassseee tell us you left Kody!!!!”

Before the start of “Sister Wives” season 17

Another person chimed in, “Oohhhh I hope you left Cody!!!!” You deserve to be loved, I tell you!

Others questioned whether Meri shouldn’t be penning a memoir on her life away from the camera.

Meri has been candid about the tumultuous nature of her marriage to Kody, who is still married to Robyn and Janelle Brown, despite the fact that she didn’t respond to any of the comments. The couple acknowledged in season 16 of Sister Wives that their connection was more platonic than romantic, but Meri still found a cause to pursue Kody in the hopes of a meaningful reunion.

Meri Brown Says There's 'So Much More to the Story' Ahead of 'Sister Wives'' Season 17 Premiere
Meri Brown Says There’s ‘So Much More to the Story’ Ahead of ‘Sister Wives” Season 17 Premiere

The majority of Season 17 of Sister Wives will centre on Christine Brown, the fourth wife who departed Kody’s plural marriage in November 2021. In the show’s teaser, Christine is seen loading up her car while the rest of the family tries to put their lives back together without her.

In the season 17 trailer, Meri, who is visibly upset, remarks about Christine’s choice to leave: “I felt like Christine was more than a sister wife.” For many years, “I felt like she was a friend.”

Sister Wives’ newest season will debut on TLC on September 11 at 10:00 p.m. ET.


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