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As fans rejoice over their Emmy win and hear about season 2, Moon Knight is trending.

Moon Knight’s maiden Emmy win on Saturday night added fuel to the fans’ fires of expectation for a second season. The Marvel Studios series is trending a full day after its significant Emmy victory due to the amount of social media discussion that has been going on. The Oscar Isaac-led series coincidentally won an Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited or Anthology Series, Movie, or Special, indicating Marvel has no plans to extend the series above the six episodes that have already been released on Disney+.

As fans rejoice over their Emmy win and hear about season 2

Isaac himself made the suggestion earlier this year that he and the other creators of the show treated the first season of the show as if it were the sole collection of episodes they intended to produce. Isaac said to RadioTimes.com, “You know, I believe we approached it as ‘here is the story’.” “And about this story, let’s just lay everything on the line. Without a doubt, there are no formal plans to continue it. I believe it would depend on the nature of the story.”

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Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+


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