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Aimlab Ranks: Tiers and Ranking Systems

Aimlab Ranks: There are 9 tiers of ranks in Aimlab. You can achieve the ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster.

The levels of an Aimlab rank are a ladder. There are four tiers in all, with the top level being 1. Rank is calculated as your tier plus your level. As an example, consider the Bronze 4 level.

The lowest attainable Aimlab rank is a Bronze 4, and the highest attainable rank is a Grandmaster 1. If you’re having trouble with aimlab or other first-person shooter games due to a subpar computer, you might think about making the investment in a better system.

To qualify for a given Aimlab rank, you must achieve a certain minimum score. 0 represents the lowest possible rank, and 960 represents the greatest possible rank.

Your overall ranking is determined by the sum of your individual skill card scores, which can be shown on your profile.

AimLab Ranking System

Aimlab Ranks

There are a variety of levels and ranks in Aimlab, and each one corresponds to a specific score. There are 4 tiers total. You’ll start at IV and work your way up to I by the end of the tier.

Aimlab Tiers

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster

Every tier and level, as well as the minimum required score to advance to the next one, is shown below.


Bronze IV 28 Score
Bronze III 56 Score
Bronze II 83 Score
Bronze I 111 Score


Silver IV 139 Score
Silver III 167 Score
Silver II 194 Score
Silver I 222 Score


Gold IV 250 Score
Gold III 278 Score
Gold II 306 Score
Gold I 333 Score


Platinum IV 361 Score
Platinum III 389 Score
Platinum II 417 Score
Platinum I 444 Score


Ruby IV 472 Score
Ruby III 500 Score
Ruby II 528 Score
Ruby I 556 Score


Emerald IV 583 Score
Emerald III 611 Score
Emerald II 639 Score
Emerald I 667 Score


Diamond IV 694 Score
Diamond III 722 Score
Diamond II 750 Score
Diamond I 778 Score


Master IV 806 Score
Master III 833 Score
Master II 861 Score
Master I 889 Score


Grandmaster IV 917 Score
Grandmaster III 944 Score
Grandmaster II 972 Score
Grandmaster I 1000 Score

To what extent does Aimlab’s ranking system depend on?

Each player’s Aimlab rating is the result of adding together their individual Skill Cards. Afterward, your Aimlab position is translated into a numerical value. On the scale from lowest (Bronze 4) to highest (Grandmaster 1), this score falls somewhere around the middle.

The data profile’s skills section is where you’ll see your skill card ratings. Raise your overall score by focusing on your lowest-scoring cards to move up the Aimlab rankings.

There is a separate scorecard for each type of aiming. Flicking, Tracking, Precision, etc. are only few of the subtypes.

Try out an aimlab playlist tailored to help you quickly level up in all three areas to see rapid improvement. Some aspects of your mouse, such as the polling rate, may also be adjustable.

Aimlab is different from other popular aim trainers because it does not emphasise point scoring but rather an overall ranking. Find out if Kovaak’s or Aimlab will help you improve your aim faster by reading this article.

Aimlab Ranks, How It Works And More Explained

Credit to user jh1vko on reddit for the image above.

Aimlab ranks are divided into 9 tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster.

Aimlab ranks consist of tiers. Each tier has 4 levels, 1 Being the highest. Your tier + your level is your rank: e.g Bronze 4.

Bronze 4 is the worst Aimlab rank and Grandmaster 1 is the best Aimlab rank.

If you have a bad PC and are struggling with aimlab or other FPS games, consider upgrading your PC because it will actually make aiming a lot easier.

Each Aimlab rank has a point threshold that you must surpass to fit the Aimlab ranks. The lowest rank has 250 points and the highest rank has 960 points.

Your ranking is decided by a combination all your skill card scores which you can find in your profile.

This means to improve your Aimlab rank, you need the best aimlab routine.

This score card system guides players into focusing on the weakest parts of their aim whether that be tracking, flicking etc.

Here are all the Aimlab ranks listed with points:

Bronze 4: 250

Bronze 3: 260

Bronze 2: 270

Bronze 1: 280

Silver 4: 290

Silver 3: 300

Silver 2: 310

Silver 1: 320

Gold 4: 340

Gold 3: 360

Gold 2: 380

Gold 1: 400

Platinum 4: 420

Platinum 3: 440

Platinum 2: 460

Platinum 1: 470

Ruby 4: 500

Ruby 3: 530

Ruby 2: 560

Ruby 1: 590

Emerald 4: 620

Emerald 3: 650

Emerald 2: 660

Emerald 1: 690

Diamond 4: 720

Diamond 3: 750

Diamond 2: 780

Diamond 1: 810

Master 4: 840

Master 3: 870

Master 2: 900

Master 1: 930

Grandmaster 4: 960

Grandmaster 3: 970

Grandmaster 2: 980

Grandmaster 1: 990

How Does Aimlab Calculate Rank?

Aimlab ranks are purely a combination of all your skill cards which produces your ranking.

Your Aimlab rank is then converted into a point system where it is given a number. This number will fit on the ranking scale which ranges from 250 points to 990 points and ranks from Bronze 4 to Grandmaster 1.

To find your skill card scores, look under your Data profile, then skills.

To improve your Aimlab rank, increase your overall points by improving your weakest score cards.

Every aiming category is given a score card. These categories are Flicking, Tracking, Precision etc.

If you want to improve at all these categories you should try an aimlab playlist that will make you improve fast. You can also optimise your mouse settings such as polling rate.

Other popular aim trainers such as Kovaak’s are more focused on point scoring rather than overall ranking like Aimlab. Read this article on which will improve your aim faster Kovaak’s or Aimlab.


If you read the information above, it will help you understand the “Aimlab Ranks: Tiers and Ranking Systems” much better. Please share your thoughts and questions with us in the box provided. Don’t be shy about asking for assistance if you feel you need it.


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